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More Zejtun Stuff

Some Zejtun History:
Zejtun's Local Council:
Santa Katarina il-Patruna:
Zejtun Personalities:
Zejtun, the Cradle of Ghana: Maltese folk music, called Ghana (pronounced "AAH-nah")

Welcome to ZEJTUN.COM, dedicated to the town of Zejtun in the Island Nation of MALTA

The Republic of Malta is located in center of the Mediterranean Sea, 58 miles south of Sicily. If you look closely at a map of the island of Malta, it resembles that of a fish with its mouth open. If you visualize this, then the town of Zejtun is located just where the eye of the fish would be.

Zejtun (pronounced "ZAY-toon"), or Iz-Zejtun, as it is officially called, derives its name from the word "zejt" (pronounced "Zayt", rhymes with eight), which means "oil". The oil referred to is olive oil. Zejtun is named after one of its earlier industries, the pressing of olives for oil.

"Zejtun has, perhaps, more obvious character than any other Maltese village. It has an air - almost a pride - of its own. Its name means "oil-press", but every one of the olive trees which once provided the oil is long since gone. Instead there is this distinguished grove of architectural stone." Christopher Kininmonth in THE TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO MALTA & GOZO, Bobbs-Merrill Co., NY

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