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"It-Tieg ta' Karmena Abdilla", ta' Charles Clews

     One of Malta's best known social comedies, "It-Tieg ta' Karmena
Abdilla" ("Carmen Abdilla's Wedding")was penned by well-known radio,
TV, stage and print media personality, Charles Clews. Since its first
performance in 1957, the play became one of the most popular comedies.
So much so, that whenever new productions are staged, they sell out
fast and more performances are usually added. In addition to this play,
Charles followed up with "Il-Honeymoon ta' Karmena Abdilla" ("Carmen 
Abdilla's Honeymoon") and "Karmena Abdilla - 10 Snin Wara" ("Carmen
Abdilla - 10 Years Hence"), all very popular.

      The three act play centers around widow Karmena's upcoming 
wedding to bachelor Pacifku Sciberras, both getting on in years. 
Act I takes place in Karmena's house one week before the wedding, 
Act II is also in Karmena's house, this time a half hour before the
Church ceremony and Act III is the wedding reception.

      Cast: Karmena Abdilla - Tessie Azzopardi
            Pacifku Sciberras - Joe Spiteri
            Ninu Abdilla, Karmena's son - John Bajada
            Perpetwa Sciberras, Pacifku's sister - Sallie Cefai
            Fred Abdilla, Karmena's brother from the US - Joe Muscat
            Gori Abdilla, Karmena's brother - Joe Cassar
            Saver Abdilla, Karmena's brother - George Grech
            Pawla, his wife - Esther Formosa
            Rosemarie it-Teacher, Maid of Honor - Doreen Farrugia
            Godfrey, Karmena's daughter's (who lives in Australia)
                               boyfriend - George Cremona
            Vitor tal-Laham - George Cremona
            Kataldu, Maitre d' - Brian Muscat
            Frans tal-bar - Lino Azzopardi
            Bridesmaids - Emmeline Mizzi and Rosie Bajada

Production Crew: Marianne Farrugia - Costumes, make-up, props
                 Esther Formosa - Costumes, props
                 Doris Buhagiar - Costumes
                 Set design - Ed DeBono
                 Set production - Ed DeBono, Victor Pantalleresco
                                  Mark Azzopardi
                 Prompter - Doris Muscat
                 Director - Charlie DeMicoli