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      The Maltese community in New York City has long been active in
sports.Of course, the most popular is Soccer. The Maltese Clubs (that
existed before)in the area fielded teams that played in one of the 
many soccer leagues in New York City. 
      Going way back in years, some of teams were very successful and
even won the championship. Soccer is still one of the most popular 
sports at the Maltese Center. 
      Every spring, we hold the Maltese Islands Cup Soccer Tournament.
Various teams participate, usually taking the name of the town or 
village in Malta or Gozo where most of the players on that team come 
from. This year, MIC 1997, we had four teams who battled it out on 
Roosevelt Island. 
      The Center's team is called the MALTESE DOLPHINS, and this team
has played against Melita FC from Toronto, and also against Gozo 
Champions Nadur Youngsters when they visited NYC two years ago.
       Besides soccer, there are venues for other sports at the 
Maltese Center, amongst them bowling, american pool, bocci, darts and
this year, thanks to Joe Attard, we held the first Maltese Center Open
Skeet & Trap Competition. 

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