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Zejtun's Council

Mayor: Joe Attard (Ind.)
Deputy Mayor: Marius Abela (Ind.)
Joan Agius (Ind.)
Jimmy Attard (PN)
Joe Brownrigg (PN)
Spiru Camilleri (PN)
Richard Darmanin (Ind.)
Joe Hales (Ind.)
Anthony Seychell (Ind.)

Ind.: Independent
PN: Partit Nazzjonalista (Nationalist Party)

The Malta Labour Party does not want the local councils
to be politicized, and as such does not allow councillors
to contest the elections under its banner.
The MLP usually backs all Independent candidates.

Some Council Activities

March, 1997: Exhibition in Honor of Zejtun Women

   As part of the international Women's Day celebrations (March 8th),
the council organized an exhibition to honor the contributions of
Zejtun women to the community and to Malta. The exhibition was
officially opened by Madame Speaker, Myriam Spiteri Debono.

   The council, by means of this exhibition, wanted to focus the 
spotlight on the people of Zejtun, who have always had a strong
social conscience, where the local women held active roles in key
positons in education, medicine, health services, aviation
(AirMalta's first female captain, Ms. Desira, is from Zejtun),
law, politics, civic committees, the arts and local organizations.